A commitment to and passion for what we do

Our values shape the way we act. As an owner-managed, medium-sized family business, the way we think, plan and act is from a long-term perspective. Flexibility and a spirit of innovation will anchor our success in the future too. As a company driven by purpose and values, we set store by engaging with our partners and employees in a way that’s fair, friendly, respectful and based on trust in order to produce creative and sophisticated solutions that are impressive down to the last detail.

High-quality system solutions

We base our business model on superior product expertise and professional support. We communicate honestly with our customers, providing them with all the information they need and guarantee top product quality in order to achieve customer satisfaction at all times. As a provider of customised solutions, we meet requirements of any magnitude and look after you from the planning and design phases to the completion of the project.


Stegmaier textile solutions are characterised by variety in terms of our products, our team and our customer base. We are a partner to individuals and a wide variety of companies from almost all segments, ranging from international industrial and aviation companies to shipping firms, vehicle manufacturers and freight forwarders, as well as workshops and agencies. We excel in terms of textile-handling skills, customer focus and have the technical flexibility required to deliver a diverse range of products and projects. We always do our best.

Harnessing the power of innovation

Our goal is to develop sustainable products and ideas and ensure digital transformation so that we can support and enhance our processes and provide a customer-driven approach. To do so, we’re harnessing the opportunities afforded by digitalisation to stay in good shape for the future and develop further smart factory innovations. At the same time, we want our customers and employees to be able to use the options digitalisation offers.

Inspiring our workforce

We can only achieve our goals with a strong, motivated team. We offer attractive benefits and a state-of-the-art workplace. At the same time, we treat our employees in a respectful way, offer family-friendly working hours and transparent processes. What our employees like about us: many of them have been with us for a long time. At the same time, we always strive to promote personal development – whether during apprenticeships, through specific training partnerships, assigning people a wide range of tasks or upskilling opportunities.

Sustainable development: success in today’s and tomorrow’s world

Our company’s success is based on many years of experience and the consistent development of new ideas, which allow us to meet the challenges our customers set and the requirements they place on us. We pull out all the stops to fulfil your requirements and objectives and guarantee imaginative and professional products. Our goal is to ensure long-term collaborations with our business partners.

We’re committed to improving our carbon footprint, environmental performance and recycling processes. We want to use our innovativeness to advance the development of ecological products, sustainable ideas and digital technologies.