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Awning type

Due to its design, this type of awning is not possible for all semi-trailers. We can only judge feasibility if you send a photo of the back of your semi-trailer.

Vehicle selection and sizes

Length of the flat area on the vehicle (without any curves, indentations etc.) for the main awning. We automatically add on formats for awning extensions based on a grid system.
See dimension support!

In each case from the top edge of the roof to the floor when the vehicle is in a level condition (see picture when selecting vehicle)

At least 1 m more than the vehicle height.


Basic Motorsport Awning Configuration

Supporting frame: Aluminium tube (80 x 50 mm) with roof-sheet stretching system, crossbars, supports

Awning skin: SteTex light awning fabric, high-strength, PU-coated, flame retardant, FC-impregnated

Type: 2 zip-up doors, roll-up straps for the side sections, 2 gable mesh ventilation panels, 3-sided PVC mud flaps

Awning skin fabric & colour :


Logo printing?:


Logo printing?:


SteTex Light awning fabric

Logo printing?:


PVC fabric

Logo printing?:

Side sections

SteTex Light awning fabric

Logo printing?:


PVC fabric

Logo printing?:



Logo printing?:

Right-hand side:

Logo printing?:

Left-hand side:

Logo printing?:

Logo Upload

You can upload graphics/logos to apply to your awning on the confirmation page at the end of your enquiry.



Further options

Separable roof tube:
Plastic floor panels: Compressed air supply:

Skirt on the semi-trailer:

Water bags: Lighting:

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Billing address

See dimension support!

The pictures show a bird’s-eye view of the awning and trailer. Please note that the awning can only be mounted on flat areas. Only these can be taken into account for the sizes of the awning (red line) and are shown as in the pictures to shorten round or sloping areas.


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