Sophisticated cycling bases:
from technical support to promotion

We supply a number of well-known competitive cycling teams. Our innovative Stegmaier cycling race awnings are superb showcases for your team and/or your brand. Geared to your requirements regarding functionality, design and your vehicle type (i.e. light trucks, transporters or trailers) you can choose from various awning types and layouts. These range from the virtually flat roofs up to a height of 2,20m, or crowns

extending up to 4m. Tell us what you want and we will be happy to turn your ideas into reality. We produce your customized cycling race awning. Whether you’re seeking a base for your cycling team’s mechanics, or a first-class promotional tent complete with branding, we have the experience and creative minds to come up with the awning that’s right for you.

Cycling race awnings with lots of sophisticated components

Excellent performance

lots of sophisticated
and, in some cases patented,
components and details

High-quality materials are used to ensure awnings last a long time

Easy to assemble and set up

Spacious layout

Layouts can be flexibly designed
Large showroom and workshop space
to make your team and/or brand look superb

cycling bases with spacious layout for promotion and workshop
Cycling race awnings with clever solutions

Clever solutions

High-quality aluminium profiles and galvanised connecting elements
Many in-house developed and special components
Exclusive standard

Robust, but particularly lightweight high-tech awning fabric

High-tech SteTex light awning fabric

Very robust

But exceptionally lightweight too

A wide range of colours to ensure plenty of design options

Our experts can provide customised branding

Cycling race awnings with lightweight high-tech awning fabric
race awnings / motor sport awnings for all racing series

Maximum variability

due to a variety of design and fitting options for parapets, windows, doors, the electrics, compressed air and much more.

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Quick to set up

Designs that have been enhanced over many years and innovative details ensure awnings are easy to handle and set up and are very safe too

race awnings / motor sport awnings for all racing series

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