Motor sports awnings and cycling bases with ingenious, customised interiors

Depending on what you want to use your race awning for, we’ll provide a professional interior for your motor sport or competitive-cycling awnings and tailor them to your requirements in terms of aesthetics and technical functionality, from lighting to windows and doors to floor panels and compressed air lines.

As regards the look of your awning and its functionality, you can choose from windows in various designs, horizontally divided side walls with parapet poles, coverings for wheel arches and vehicle undersides, sliding doors for the access area that open and close easily or the awning skin can be printed.

Race awings / motor sport awnings: sophisticated, functional features

Sophisticated, functional features

For any purpose, customised to suit your preferences

For VIP areas, engineering, offices, hospitality or events

Race awings / motor sport awnings with arapet and printed valance

Parapet and printed valance

If desired, your logo can be on the window parapet and clearly visible from the inside and out with the advertising space available outlined and used in the best possible way at the same time

Lighting and compressed air

Lighting, on request also as LED panel lights, to make sure the interior has plenty of light

Compressed air connections have been installed to make the workshop area a practical space

Race awings / motor sport awnings with lighting and compressed air
Race awings / motor sport awnings with curved roof poles

Curved roof poles

For a special look in the paddock

Floor tiles in different colours

The ideal solution for your awning floor: slip-resistant, durable and easy to clean

Available in various colours to match your awning design perfectly

Race awings / motor sport awnings with floor tiles
Race awings / motor sport awnings with water ballast system

Water ballast system

Ideal in strong winds on unprotected slopes or areas exposed to the elements

Simply fill up with water

Child’s play to secure

Glass sliding door

A prestigious and convenient way of entering your race awning

Opens and closes smoothly

Robust and durable

Race awings / motor sport awnings with glass sliding door
Race awings / motor sport awnings with perspex side elements

Perspex side element

High-quality covers for your race awning at the sides

Indoor partition walls

Transparent or custom-designed for you by our design department

Race awings / motor sport awnings with indoor partition walls
Partition wall / privacy screen

Partition wall / privacy screen

Custom-designed for you by our design department

Small pack sizes

Easy assembly

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