Durabel motor sport awnings
quality made in Germany

Whatever make and model of trailer, truck or large van you have, be sure our high-quality, durable Stegmaier motor sport awnings suits your requirements. All our awnings come with sophisticated details and are custom fitted by our highly skilled team to your vehicle measurments.

We can provide awnings that serve practical purposes as workshops or act as classy venues for high-end VIP hospitality. Our experience with a number of demanding projects guarantees that we will come up with an awning that is perfect for you.

Stegmaier motorsports awnings - easy handling

Easy handling

Low pack size.
Low transport weight.
Fast construction.
That's what makes Stegmaier motorsports awnings unique.

Inspected statics

If required, our Stegmaier motorsports awnings come with a TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association) approved erection specification.*

*prerequisites availability of an inspected statics for your vehicle as the vehicle/trailer is also part of the overall erection specifications

Motorsports awnings with TÜV inspected statics

Various layouts

Variable layouts up to an awning size of 13,60 x 10,00 m allow
to perfectly fit your race awning to your requirements and your vehicle

Configure your Stegmaier awning here!

Sophisticated design

High quality materials and special components for a maximum of functionality and durability and easy handling at the same time

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lightweight high-tech awning fabric in various colors

SteTex light - our lightweigt high-tech awning fabric
wide range of colors
excellent weather resistance
variety of design and graphics options

Individual branding by our design team...

Ingenious, customised interiors

Professional interiors that respond to your requirements regarding aesthetics and functionality, from the windows to compressed air lines.

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Quick and easy to set up

Discover how clever designs and innovative details ensure the awning's quick and easy to erect

A full service

Tough sporting challenges sometimes leave their mark. To ensure functionality of your Stegmaier motor sport awning you can count on our comprehensive maintenance and spare-parts service. The result is that your crew’s ready to go and your awning looks perfect.

Spare-parts and accessories catalogue

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Please feel free to contact our racing expects Tobias Stegmaier and Natascha Sterzer with any questions you may have
or give us a call: +49 7356/9505-0