Spares and Service

Stegmaier race and race cycling awnings offer outstanding robustness and smart functionality. To ensure this remains so, you can count on our comprehensive maintenance and spare-parts service. The result is that your crew’s ready to go and your awning looks perfect.

In the period from September to December we can repair your awning to ensure it looks good and is in perfect condition. Torn keders, burn holes, or sections where leaks occur are put right as quickly as possible, so that you’re up and running again in no time.

race awnings / motor sport awnings comprehensive spare parts service

Comprehensive spare parts service

Large range of spare parts

Spare parts are available for a long period of time

For a consistently perfect look to your awning and seamless usability

Repair service

Extensive repair service of our race awnings by our professional team

For awning poles, awning skin, interiors

race awnings / motor sport awnings. repair service

Spare parts

You can find an overview of our extensive range of spare parts and accessories in our current spare parts catalogue

Looking after awnings

Stegmaier Textile Solutions’ race awnings and competitive-cycling awnings stand for durability and sophisticated functionality

Please consult our care instructions to ensure they stay that way and you enjoy your Stegmaier awnings for many years to come

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