Race awnings with customised layouts
and creative concepts

Variable layouts allow you to adapt your race awning to your specific requirements. We focus on achieving a congruous blend of design, functionality and high-quality craftsmanship. While taking into account vehicle sizes, virtually any options are possible. Depending on the vehicle type, projections of 4 to 10 m are conceivable.

Your race awning can be designed for positioning at the side of the vehicle, to include an extension, to envelop the entire vehicle, or to cover one or both sides. Furthermore, awnings can be fitted between two vehicles or trailers. As you can see, the options are virtually inexhaustible. Draw inspiration from our ideas for race awnings where design plays a key role.

Race awnings, motor sport awnings: layout that custom-fits your vehicle

Layout that custom-fits your vehicle

Parallel to the vehicle length, with one or two sides

Optionally with an extension over the tractor unit

A range of extension options

Extension option over the rear or front of the vehicle

The vehicle’s integrated perfectly and, from the outside, the awning looks seamless

Race awnings, motor sport awnings: a range of extension options
Race awnings, motor sport awnings: with TÜV-tested statics

Race awning with TÜV-tested statics

DIN EN 13 782 und 13 814 compliant*
Max. awning size 7.50 m x 13.60 m

*In order to issue a health and safety inspection book, the vehicle/trailer is regarded as part of the structure and must therefore also have static verification in order to calculate the forces that occur.


A cushion roof design with extra UV protection thanks to double-layer awning fabric

Low weight due to minimal awning substructure

Makes setting the awning up fast and handling easy

Race awnings, motor sport awnings: cushion roof design between two trailers
Race awnings, motor sport awnings: Barrel-shaped roof

Barrel-shaped roof

Awning design with barrel-shaped roof with curved roof poles between two trucks

Under cover

As a canopy between two semitrailer or vehicles

Race awnings, motor sport awnings: canopy between two semitrailers
Race awnings, motor sport awnings: awning on a sea freight container

Awning on a sea freight container

Innovative combination of a race awning with a sea freight container

Fits any 40-foot sea freight container so that containers can be changed easily at any time. Standardised awning dimensions (maximum awning depth: 6 m), therefore no pre-assembly in our workshop is required.

Ensures maximum functionality with handling that’s child’s play too.

Stand-alone race awning

Free-standing constructions with a floor space of up to 75m² including proof of stability for high application security (no TÜV test book required).

Innovative details such as LED lighting integrated into the roof profiles and a piping tensioning system without zippers for the side panels complete this awning typ.

Race awnings, motor sport awnings: Free-standing race awning
Race awnings, motor sport awnings: cycling rase base

Cycling rase base

Well-engineered construction and innovative details for an impressive appearance in connection with your light truck, transporter or trailer with high comfort at the same time

Alternative design variants for free-standing construction are available.

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